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Digizoo team builds cryptocurrency mining rig for Team Trees charity

Why we decided to build a crypto mining rig

We’ve recently noticed a heightened interest in the crypto-space amongst the Digizoo team, leading to many late-night discussions on how we can leverage this new technology within our field.

We decided to take action and begin learning by funding the in-house build of a cryptocurrency miner, providing an enjoyable project which everyone can contribute to and learn from while doing our part for charity.

Saving the environment with Team Trees

Digizoo will be donating 100% of the proceeds to charity, meaning everything that we mine will be sold and donated regularly throughout the year.

Crypto miners aren’t the most environmentally friendly devices, so we’ve taken a few steps to combat this issue:

We gave our team the option to submit and vote on their preferred charity. The consensus was to donate to a charity with a strong environmental impact, and the vote landed on #TeamTrees, a charity that plants one tree for each dollar donated.

We’ll also be running the crypto miner on electricity provided by a genuine carbon-neutral retailer, minimising environmental impact.

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