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Why Digizoo Loves Haventec’s Security Technology to Accelerate Delivery for Clients

Digizoo’s delivery approach is to identify the best technologies from the most innovative and flexible companies, and work in a meaningful partnership to provide our clients the necessary implementation expertise to accelerate their delivery.

Our CTO Jefferson Bross, who has expertise working with numerous security and identity management platforms is a huge fan of Haventec’s offerings and views them as being a true visionary and leader in this space. The Haventec suite is a favourite for Digizoo to work with because of its innovative security protocols and flexibility of deployment. By leveraging Haventec’s flexible platform, we can deliver low friction security experiences at pace whilst keeping our client’s customers identity and data safe.


Greater Bank partners with Digizoo to build modern banking platform

Digizoo has been selected to bring its specialist expertise in digital banking platforms by assisting Greater Bank in Newcastle to design and deliver an innovative new banking platform.

The solution is cloud-native on the Google Cloud Platform to take advantage of the most modern and innovative technologies, and improve time to market.

Digizoo are providing technical specialists in all key areas including, Core Banking Integration, Cloud Platform design and build, Open Banking standards, Backbase Customer Experience Platform, Security, Automation with CI/CD, new ways of working in Agile and remote working.

The new platform will allow Greater Bank to quickly adapt and respond to the fast-changing financial environments in the future.


Digizoo forms partnership with Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has in recent times made progress that puts it ahead of the other two players AWS and Azure.

GCP provides a more considered and usable feature set that makes many of the mundane scenarios easy without having to revert to extensive scripting to put together many smaller components.

Google Cloud Partner Badge.

For the banking and financial services world, Digizoo has already delivered complete banking platforms in the cloud with regulatory approval from APRA.

We’re excited about building another banking platform to run on GCP where the time to build and operating costs will be reduced even further thanks to the benefits that the GCP offers.