User experience optimisation & prototyping

Our solutions are tested with real customers. We are 100% committed to the user experience.

Customer research

We continue to build upon our knowledge of the customer’s banking journeys through regular research and testing sessions.

Whether it’s in our dedicated research lab, or out in the field; our insights into customer onboarding, transactional behaviours, lending, and personal financial management feed directly back into our solution design.

UX design & prototyping

All of our web and smartphone solutions are designed and prototyped prior to building. This allows us to workshop and refine the user’s experience with product owners, stakeholders, and of course, customers!

Usability testing

All customer-facing solutions are tested in our dedicated usability lab. Our clients appreciate being observers (whether behind the 2-way mirror or live-streamed) of these sessions. Our state-of-the-art testing lab includes eye tracking equipment to pinpoint user interface (UI) issues.