Helping deliver Westpac's engagement platforms, BaaS, entitlements & more

Who are they?

Westpac is Australia’s oldest company and first bank. The company provides a broad range of consumer, business and institutional banking, and wealth management services through a portfolio of financial services brands and businesses.

Digizoo has a long-standing relationship with Westpac – after all this is where Digizoo’s founders came from – and have delivered multiple projects to help keep them at the forefront of digital banking.

Success Story 1: Westpac Asia

What was their business challenge?

One of the pillars of Westpac’s growth strategy is expansion into Asia, a market which has stringent regulatory frameworks surrounding IT systems. Westpac Institutional Banking chose Backbase as the basis for its first customer self-service platform for Asian customers. The program aimed to provide full-service internet banking functionality for the complex needs of corporate and institutional banking.

What did we deliver?

Digizoo were engaged to complement the Westpac team and

  • Drive a culture of modern technology and agile implementation, innovating on the existing delivery techniques.
  • Implement the Backbase banking engagement platform proof of concept for Asian institutional partners; including front-end development, security, and introducing a modern software platform.

What were the business outcomes?

Digizoo helped drove digital transformation within Westpac Institutional Banking by delivering a modern software platform that provided:

  • Access controls for administration and complex organisation structures.
  • Everyday institutional banking services including business lending.
  • Integration into a new core banking system from 10x

Success Story 2: Entitlements Solution

What was their business challenge?

Westpac Institutional Bank needed an entitlements engine that provided fine grained entitlement-based access controls. These controls needed to be managed across complex organisations, where the parties can interact with APIs but needed to be provided data based on structural and behavioural characteristics.

What did we deliver?

Digizoo leveraged components from the Ark product and delivering a web portal that interacted with a GraphDB which held an aggregate of structures and controls. The portal allowed administrators and organisational resources, with appropriate access rights, to easily view and manage system controls and the system APIs, along with the data included in the API response.

What were the business outcomes?

This solution delivered an entitlement engine that allowed identified financial officers to open and service account. These financial officers could allow others to inherit their access to certain accounts, and control what data was provided back, based on their entitlements.

The solution was easy to manage thanks to the well-designed UI, that took Graph DB visuals and combined these with simple controls to enable and disable entitlements across very complex organisation structures.

Success Story 3: BaaS (Parsifal)

What was their business challenge?

Westpac needed a way for clients to connect their own consumer applications into the Westpac BaaS platform (codenamed Parsifal). To support this,  they needed a set of API’s that abstracted the verbose services of downstream system like core banking, payments, & card systems. This abstraction was to enable:

  • BaaS compliance
  • Easy to consume services
  • Back-channel messaging

In addition, for compliance reasons and to ensure customer were able to reach their funds, Westpac needed a fall-back mobile application that any BaaS client to use if their own consumer applications was not available.

What did we deliver?

Digizoo supplied highly qualified resources that:

  • Worked with Product Owners to create scripts that appropriately validate and test features against business expectations
  • Assist the BaaS Platform Technical Teams in supporting Parsifal Brand Partner enablement
  • Developed API’s to cover abstracting downstream services and functionality gaps in the Parsifal offering
  • Provide technical and consulting knowledge to work with other Westpac suppliers and partners, especially 10x on the delivery of APIs.

In addition, using components of the Ark accelerator, Digizoo quickly provided a compliant, multi-brand-ready mobile application integrated into BaaS that clients could use.

What were the business outcomes?

Westpac BaaS team, had an approach of API development through a life cycle that assessed the quality of downstream services to build quality abstracted services.

This approach also proactively identified deprecated APIS; advising clients of replacement APIs; and transitioning clients to new API and liaising with the tech teams of partners to ensure the API strategy is adopted.

Most importantly from an APRA perspective, client consumers had a fall-back application that was branded to allow them to login using a known method and access funds if client’s consumer applications failed.

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